Introduction to Christchurch

The largest settlement of the South Island, Christchurch is also the largest play ground with Canterbury plains on its doorsteps, a prominent volcanic feature in Banks Peninsula and the glorious Mount Hutt Ski resort. This is the gate way to the South Island of New Zealand.

The city of the future built side by side the historic town it once used to be; Christchurch is the oldest established city in New Zealand. The central region of this city is bustling with art, culture, food and shopping. The Victorian architecture still alive and protected by modern built.

Lyttleton Harbour, Christchurch
Lyttleton Harbour, Christchurch


Christchurch is home to seekers, explorers and pioneers. It is a base to Antarctic expeditions and NASA researchers. You can visit the Antarctic center to experience and learn the daily life of travelers in Antarctica.  

With some of the best and most affordable connectivity via Christchurch Airport a lot of New Zealand adventures begin here in the heart of the South Island. From surfing the pristine waters, swimming with dolphins, watching whale fins to carving fresh lines down the largest skiing area in New Zealand, Christchurch sure knows how to keep you entertained.

Christchurch is no stranger to travelers, as the first Maori settler remnants date back to 1250 CE. Otautahi, its Maori name, comes from the chief of the Ngai Tahu tribe, the most dominant of all tribes until the arrival of European settlers. These tribes travelled a long way to come find this gem.

There is history, there is adventure and a whole lot of exciting attractions waiting for you. See you on the old tram to take in the sights of the city or punt down the Avon River soon?