Stay safe on New Zealand roads

Driving in New Zealand
Driving in New Zealand


Before arriving in New Zealand –

·         Include a rest day on arrival to ensure body and mind are well rested before you take on the road.

·         All drivers should have international permits and in English.

·         Drive for no more than 2 hours in one stretch, take rests and swap drivers.

·         Stopping for breaks won’t be a problem, New Zealand is beautiful, and you will want to take it all in, take photos and make memories.

·         New Zealand roads are windy, it takes longer than anticipated to reach your destination so plan accordingly.


Road Rules –

·         Seatbelts should always be worn. Children should be in child seats.

·         Left, always keep LEFT. We drive on the left-hand side of the road.

·         Obey road signs, maintain speed limit, give way and STOP at stop signs.

·         Drive to road and weather conditions.

·         Do not drink or use drugs whilst driving, heavy penalties are enforced by police.

·         No use of cellphone to text or call when the car is in motion or still.

·         Drive at a safe distance and avoid sudden braking.


Before starting your day drive

·         Check weather forecast and road status here.

·         Be prepared for snow, rain and rough weather, carry chains when necessary.

·         Ensure cell phones are charged – Emergency Services can be reached by dialing 111.


 For our full road code click here and for more information have a look at Drive Safe