Who We Are

We’re specialists in the travel and tourism industry, with an wide-spanning reach on key tourist routes around New Zealand and a top-of-the-line system to store and manage inventory.

We’re proud to be the original and only national distributor of travel information in New Zealand, with more than 2000 display outlets on key tourist routes. Through our unparalleled network, more than 12.5 million brochures are distributed annually to travellers in New Zealand.

We are a passionate and experienced team focused on helping an increasing number of tourism businesses cost-effectivity reach travellers close to their point of purchase. In addition to our merchandising services, we also provide collateral management and display management. Specialists in the travel industry, we have the flexibility to design and provide services for any requirement and budget. VisitorPoint in every sense is a one-stop-shop for your collateral management needs.

Looking to Advertise?

Market to visitors while they are on the go, and still making plans through VisitorPoint’s extensive brochure distribution network. We supply brochures, locally, at a growing number of attractions, accommodation providers, information centres and retail outlets on key tourist routes and in New Zealand’s most popular holiday spots.

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